Schedule Your Routines
INGENIUM® ZB lets you control, automate and schedule all your home appliances on your fingertips, thanks to the Smart Socket Adaptor. Schedule a cup of coffee to be made every morning, or a light to turn on at night? It is just at your fingertips!
Never Leave Devices Running Again
Own an INGENIUM® ZB Smart Socket Adaptor and gain peace of mind when you're away from home. With wireless control of our app, you can now make sure your iron, kitchen appliances or other electronics are off.
Easy to Use
Simply pair the Smart Socket Adaptor with INGENIUM® ZB App, and plug-in your target appliances, then you are able to switch on/off devices, set schedules or rules via mobile phone.

Transform your creativities to


Light Daily Routine

Drift off to sleep every morning Preset to "light on" at 7am to keep you awake.

Keep Calm and Relax

Start every morning with a cup of coffee by plugging the coffee maker into our smart socket adaptor and set up a timer for brewing the night before, saving you plenty of time in the rushed morning.

Simulated Occupancy

Worry about your home when you're away for vacation? Simply preset a message alert when someone opens your door! Or even set an ON/OFF routine for your lights as if you're at home!
Please subscribe our INGENIUM® Pro Service to enjoy this enhanced feature.

Guide Your Move

The stair light will turn on automatically when it senses your movement, which not only calms your fears when it's dark, but also saves energy.

Set Favourite Scenes

Just one touch to transform your living room into a party zone

Endless Possibilities

Contact us today to explore the endless possibilities with MEGAMAN® INGENIUM® ZB Smart Control Solution.

Working with
RGBW Colour Changing LED Classic
LED Classic
Dimming Module
Magnetic ON/OFF Sensor
PIR Sensor
TECOH®THx LED Light Engine
Universal Dimming Module
LED Candle

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