The TECOH® APx Light Engine Works Directly on AC Mains Supply

The TECOH® APx is an LED light engine with on board driver for easy installation. The TECOH® APx operates directly from the mains. This LED Light Engine (LLE) option allows a LED upgrade in fixtures lacking space for external driver integration.


The TECOH® THx LED Light Engines (LLE) Offer an Excellent Alternative to MR16 and PAR16 Halogen

Ideal for use in recessed and surface mounted spotlights, its unique electrical connection prevents the retrofit of high energy consuming halogen products.


The World’s First 2000 Lumen LED Light Engines Designed in line with ZHAGA Specification Book 2

The MEGAMAN®'s TECOH® CFx range of high performance twist-lock LED Light Engines has an integrated driver for general lighting. Thanks to the unique design lumen packages up to 2000 lumens are achieved while ensuring compliance with Zhaga interface Specification Book2.