LED Modules: TECOH® RDx


The TECOH® RDx is available in a wide range of lumen packages – from 1086lm to 19163lm. Designed in line with Zhaga interface Specification Book 3, all TECOH® RDx modules have the same diameter and height, with the same screw hole placings. TECOH® RDx are all designed with a small LES (Light Emitting Surface) size to ensure good beam control even for the high output modules.


All MEGAMAN®’s TECOH® RDx modules can, by simply changing the input current, operate in three different modes: High Efficiency(HE), and Normal Mode (NE) and High Output (HO), meaning each unit is flexible enough to work in a multitude of applications – maximizing flexibility, and reducing the need for large stock holdings.


TECOH® RDx have high efficacy levels of up to 147 lm/W (even 177 lm/W at Tc=25°C) thanks to the speed of advancements in LED technology. The key to creating an LED lighting scheme that looks good for years to come, is in ensuring that over their lifespan all of the lamps are performing within an acceptable tolerance in terms of colour. With over four years of experience with LED arrays and due to MEGAMAN®'s control of the phosphor/LED blend MEGAMAN® TECOH® RDx products have an excellent colour consistency of ≤ 3 SDCM.


The key to maximising light output and lumen maintenance lies in sound thermal management. The TECOH® RDx modules are, with their direct interface possibility between LED substrate and heat-sink, designed for optimum heat dissipation. When the thermal control is designed in accordance to MEGAMAN®’s specification, the TECOH® RDx modules has a rated life of L70 at 50,000 hours, meaning at the rated L70 life 70% of the initial lumen output is still available, resulting in excellent performance, good lumen maintenance and long life.


TECOH® RDx modules allow for linear dimming without colour shift. Offering linear dimming from 1% - 100% with a compatible driver and dimming system. Even when dimmed down to less than 10% light output the colour temperature remains consistent with negligible colour shift. The method of dimming control used is dependent upon the capabilities of the driver fitted.


TECOH® RDx modules reach the declared light output and colour temperature at the time of switching on. Unlike some conventional light sources, TECOH® RDx can be switched on at dimmed level and restart instantaneously. As the RDx module is not sensitive for switching, it can be used with other lighting control technology, such as presence detectors.