Grand Casino Lucerne

Location: Lucerne, Switzerland

The Grand Casino Lucerne hits the jackpot with MEGAMAN® technology

Located in the beautiful city of Lucerne in Switzerland, the Grand Casino Lucerne is housed in one of the most impressive buildings in the region. Built in 1882 on the banks of lake Lucerne, the casino prides itself on blending the building’s historic credentials with the latest in gaming sophistication.


Due to the nature of its business, the Grand Casino Lucerne operates almost 24 hours a day, seven days a week. With this in mind, the casino’s facilities manager wanted to make the most of the efficiencies offered by LED lighting technology. By replacing its 75W halogen spotlights with MEGAMAN® AR111 LED equivalents, the Grand Casino Lucerne is now set to achieve a combined saving of €8300 in electricity costs and 44680 kg in CO2 emissions per year compared to traditional equivalents*.


The Jackpot Casino houses over 250 slot machines that have five different jackpots on offer at any one time. With the casino open daily from midday to 4 am and maintenance and cleaning teams on site after this time, the lighting in the window-less Jackpot Casino is rarely off. As well as lighting the space 24/7, the combination of 250 slot machines and over 130 halogen spotlights means that air conditioning units work overtime to keep the Jackpot Casino cool. With the guest experience of ultimate importance to the Grand Casino Lucerne, the casino’s facilities manager, Mr Sascha Infanger, was tasked with sourcing an energy efficient lighting solution that would not only give dramatic energy and HVAC savings, with short payback times, but which would not negatively impact the look and feel of the Jackpot Casino in any way. He comments: “The lights in the Jackpot Casino are on 24/7. We needed to find a more efficient way of lighting this area that saved energy, yet didn’t cause light reflection on the slot machines or impede our surveillance equipment in any way.”


Based on a recommendation by Amstein + Walthert, one of the largest engineering companies in Switzerland, MEGAMAN®’s AR111 LED replacement lamps were tested within the Jackpot Casino. Responses were so favourable from guests and staff alike, that a total of 138 75W halogen lamps were replaced with MEGAMAN®’s AR111 15W 2800K, 24° LED lamp. Featuring MEGAMAN®’s unique axial eometry and the patented Thermal Conductive Highway™ (TCH) technology within each lamp, precise beam direction is possible, ensuring an optimised lighting effect on slot machines and guests at all times.


With light quality, beam direction, energy efficiency and HV temperature reduction all key requirements within the lighting brief, MEGAMAN®’s LED AR111 reflector equivalents were the ideal choice for the Jackpot Casino.


* Based on calculation of:

138 x LED 15W AR111 (running 24 hours/day, 7 days/week) compared to 75W halogen lamps


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