Ponte 16

Location: Macau, China

MEGAMAN® energy efficiency and Macau luxury go hand in hand at the Ponte 16 resort

Ponte 16 is a world-class, integrated casino-entertainment resort that is situated in Macau’s Inner Harbour, the“Historic Centre of Macau”. With a focus on delivering luxury as ‘efficiently’ as possible, the team at the resort were keen to replace the old lighting scheme with a more energy efficient alternative. Since installing over 5,500 MEGAMAN® energy efficient lamps, the Ponte 16 resort now achieves savings of just under 1,445,701 kWh and 1,012 tons of CO2 per year and this equates to an electricity bill saving of just under €150,000 annually*.


Designed to embrace Macau’s European, Portuguese and Chinese heritage, the Ponte 16 Resort consists of a five-star hotel, casino, retail complex and unique Michael Jackson Gallery. With luxury and opulence being the priority throughout the resort, any lighting refurbishment needed to maintain the look and feel of this visually stunning building, whilst delivering in terms of energy and maintenance efficiencies.


From the dramatic statement chandeliers and crystal wall fixtures to the recessed spotlights and pendants, the lighting requirements throughout were assessed and MEGAMAN®’s range of energy saving lighting solutions was chosen. These included MEGAMAN®’s dimmable LED Candle, LED Classic, LED MR16 and PAR38 lamps. As well as the superb light quality and longevity of MEGAMAN® lamps, the fact that they could be dimmed was of particular importance to the Ponte 16 Resort team, as a variety of lighting scenes could be created, whilst saving energy during off-peak periods.


Stunning Chandeliers

With a large majority of the Ponte 16 resort’s public spaces lit by dramatic chandeliers and crystal light fittings, significant energy savings were made by replacing the 40W G9 halogens and 25W incandescent lamps with MEGAMAN® 5W to 7W low energy light sources. Thanks to MEGAMAN®’s ability to create lamps that replicate the light quality of halogen, both in terms of sparkle and brightness, this range of low energy replacements has become a firm favourite with staff and visitors at the casino tables. In addition, the immense chandelier at the resort’s exterior was fitted with MEGAMAN®’s LED Classic and LED PAR38 reflectors, ensuring maximum drama with minimum energy consumption.


As well as being used in the impressive chandelier at the resort’s exterior, hundreds of MEGAMAN®’s LED MR16 4W reflector lamps have been used throughout the VIP Hall. Replacing the 20W halogen originals, the MEGAMAN® MR16’s have patented Thermal Conductive Highway™ technology that enable them to deliver high luminance levels, with minimum energy output, low heat generation and reflective glare.


Matthew Chu, General Manager, MEGAMAN (HK) Electrical & Lighting Ltd comments: “From the installation of the chiller system, air conditioning and ventilation through to temperature control and the lighting system, Ponte 16 has always adopted a holistic approach to achieving energy efficiency by using as many eco-friendly appliances as possible. By incorporating MEGAMAN®’s range of energy efficient lighting, the resort has significantly benefited in terms of energy reduction, electricity bill savings and CO2 emissions. Most importantly, all this has been achieved without any negative impact on the overall look and feel of the resort.”


* Based on calculation of:

Operation hours: 24 hours per day, calculated based on 1 year period

The total number of light point was 5,670 (5,000 of 7W GU9 CFL replaces 40W incandescent lamps , 370 4W LED MR16 reflector replace 20W halogen lamp and 300 5W LED Candle replaces 25W incandescent lamps)

CO2 emission factor (Hong Kong) = 0.7 kg/kWh


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