The Green House

Location: Soestduinen, Netherlands

Well established in the commercial sector for its highly successful range of LED and CFL lamps, MEGAMAN®, which leads the way in energy-saving lighting, has helped a Dutch deluxe private housing project save thousands of pounds.


Over a process of two years, the Soestduinen home, in Holland, was built integrating the latest energy efficient technologies to create the ultimate in green homes. Finished this month, the home that is aptly nicknamed ‘The Green House’, because of its energy efficient credentials, uses MEGAMAN® lamps throughout. Thanks to this, is likely to save the homeowner over €150,000 in terms of their lighting bill, and over 240,000 kg’s of CO2, over the lamps minimum 30,000 hours (equivalent to 10 years) of operation.


The homeowners vision for The Green House was to use as much of today’s technology as possible to maximise energy efficiency in the home. The Dutch homeowner explains further: “Although I wanted to create the most efficient home possible, I also wanted to ensure it was comfortable and easy to control. I believe that there is a point where a home that is full of the latest technology can begin to alienate the user, and I didn’t want that. I wanted to have a space which could be automated as much as possible to adapt to external light and temperatures, without us having to alter the controls manually. At the same time, I wanted to have the option of overriding these settings from my home, or from further away, if our plans changed.


”I not only gave great attention to the type of HVAC systems used, but to lighting as well, as lighting is one of the greatest consumers of electricity in a home. This particular selection of ground breaking technologies which I have chosen to use in The Green House would not have been possible even two years ago, as the technology just wasn’t available then. I have only chosen to use MEGAMAN® LED and CFL technology because of their energy saving capabilities and quality of light output; the results speak for themselves.”


Various lamps from MEGAMAN®’s LED Reflector Series have been used within The Green House, as well as a selection of MEGAMAN®’s CFL range. MEGAMAN®’s LED Reflector series was chosen as the lamps within the range offer all the benefits of light quality and control of their halogen counterparts, but are also highly energy efficient, offer excellent colour rendering and minimal heat generation.


To maximise the efficiencies of these already highly efficient light sources, the homeowner also worked closely with Domotica to link all the lamps into a lighting control solution. In addition, GIRA’s an Instabus KNX/EIB system was used to create future-proof, electronic nervous system designed according to globally valid standards. The Instabus KNX/EIB system offered the installation team numerous solutions for optimising the use of the home’s resources and the visualisation of actual energy consumption.


Not only does the Domotica system have pre-set scenes programmed into each of the keypads and displays, but thanks to GIRA’s system daylight, motion, CO2and the external weather station have also been integrated, to ensure that light levels within the main areas of the house are automatically adjusted dependent on the amount of daylight available. This level of integration has ensured that The Green House achieve maximum lighting efficiencies, no matter the time of day or night.


The homeowner began this project with the aim of achieving the most energy efficient, yet stylish home possible. This has been achieved using the latest technologies. He concludes: “Thanks to the advances in LED and CFL technology, MEGAMAN®’s lamps offer me a highly cost effective and visually attractive way to light my home, without needing to replace them for many years to come, and I have the knowledge of knowing that I am also helping the environment as well”.


Within The Green House a cross section of MEGAMAN® lamps has been used and includes:

  • MEGAMAN®’s AR111 15W LED reflectors, which have been used within the home’s wine cellar to ensure minimum heat generation for maximum light
  • The company’s PAR16 5W and 7W LED reflectors, which have been used to highlight works of art and the owner’s collection of Delft china. With its minimal UV characteristics protect the art pieces from harm.
  • A wide range of additional MEGAMAN® CFL dimmable and non-dimmable lamps, which have been used within table, standard and pendant lamps. Specifically, MEGAMAN®’s self-ballasted T2 dimmable linear tubes, for sweeping indirect light effects.
  • MEGAMAN®’s ultra slim GX53 Series of CFLs, which has been used throughout the bedroom and office areas


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